Request for Project

Заявка за създаване на Уеб Сайт

By filling the contact form, you can contact me and make a request for your project. If you write more details, I will be able to clear myself in your ideas. I will think about everything and give you an answer.

If you are not sure what exactly you want?

If you have any hesitation about the nature and vision of the desired site, review the section Informative Posts. If you do not find the necessary information there, then I am here for you. Whatever you want - write to me. I will respond to any queries as accurately and quickly as possible.

It is desirable to know the answers to the following questions:

Why do I want to have a website?

What do I expect from my site?

How it will improve my business?

To which audience will be targeted?

Как си представям сайта - какво искам да притежава?

Am I ready to wait while the site is being developed?

Am I aware that after the creation of the site, will it take time until it becomes popular and famous?

Готов ли съм вече да пусна Заявка за изработка на сайт?