Offer for Web Site build

Discussion of the details of the project construction and preparation of the offer.

Website builds up after previously clarified parameters. Once you contact me, I will consider all the details described in the assignment so I can make an individual offer for you. I will judge to what extent your desired task is to build and execute. I will discuss with you the questions that will arise. And once everything has been clarified, I will send you a description of my work - time and cost. Upon approval on both sides of the terms and conditions - I proceed to construction. All of us will keep you in touch and the whole process will be alive and dynamic. I work to achieve a perfect end result! That's why I give a guarantee. As well as the execution times - there I am uncompromising. My build is subject to 6-month observation, which ensures your peace of mind about the content and functionality.

If I can not create your Project?

Given that your job goes beyond my knowledge and capabilities (at the moment) - then things do not end here. I keep the correctness - in all its aspects. So in such cases, I always find my colleagues to take over your project and ultimately let everyone be happy. There are no unfinished projects! That is my principle.

After the Project is finished

After each completed project, I remain always available to all my clients. I believe that lasting cooperation and communication are a good way to maximize the impact. All of my sites are like my "children" - their development is important to me. And since the development period is about 6 months after the product is created and released, so I promise within this time to be with you. And then - if necessary - I am always available. You can rely on me!

Subscription for support

      Every site needs maintenance.

Once your site is created, it will need periodic checks on the overall system. If this is done by the developer who built the site - then he will know your site clearly. And it will quickly orient itself in the novelties or problems. I make commitments both for sites I have made and for others. This support consists of testing the site for technical metrics if a problem has occurred - removing it, updating plug-ins, embedding, updating, and optimizing content. 

Also, if you need to upload new content, you can rely on me. Checks on your site can be periodic and sporadic. If you wish - we can understand weekly, monthly or lesser checks. Or, reach me only when new content emerges - that is, when you need it. But in any case, if an unforeseen and sudden problem arises, you can always contact me, regardless of the terms we have chosen. I will check as soon as possible. The support on my side is your peace of mind.

Storing information

   Backups of your sites

Your site is a large file folder. All the information about it is contained in the "upload place" of your site - the hosting company. I've introduced my practice, the sites I've made to have a backup saved by me. This is another backup that can be used if needed. Everything happen. You may inadvertently even delete your site yourself and it will disappear. So it's nice to have a backup option for such situations. Hosting companies also keep archived copies, but if anything happens, we have to deal with other people with our problems. So, periodically or after changing the content, I make a new backup and it's up to me.