Want a website!


A detailed description of the steps in the "Site Creation"

1. You decide you want to have your own site.

You wake up one morning and a new idea emerges in your head - "Let's make a site!" Your business is with ... / it does not matter exactly what you working/ and you start to want having your own website. You remember for your friends who have sites and have shown them to you. There are different variants of websites that you've looked at before and have made you a nice impression. You have an idea of ​​what you like and what you do not like.

You start exploring who makes websites, where you can find such people, ask friends and acquaintances, you search for Google, visit a large number of Agency sites and developer units that deal with it. In diagonal, you can see the words "Optimized, Maintenance, Web Designer, Marketing, Control Panel, Platform, Host, Domain" and so on. Some of them you see for the first time.


2. Fill in a contact form for an offer

Once you have searched a dozen sites of people and developers, you've taken a big amount of information. Package price offers - ranging from 150-1500EUR and upwards. There are prices per hour and prices for finished project. Your mind absorbs this new information, but you can not fully assemble the puzzle. So you decide and send a request. You want to get a bigger and more accurate idea of ​​your site what it would cost and what it would be like.



3. A hige communication begins

You will meet questions like:

- Why do you want to have a site?

- What type of website do you want?

- What do you expect from your site?

- Will you need to add new content in time?

- What functionalities do you want your website to have?

- How do you want your site to look like? Design and Logo Branding.

- Do you have Domain selected?

- Do you have Host Company selected?

- If you are dealing with a business - what are the sites of your competitors?

- Who will maintain your website after it's created?

- Who will make SEO and Marketing on your site?

Whoever one you choose, he will ask you to provide him with:

- Image Gallery

- The Color Pallette

- texts and fonts

- Chema

- Files

- Menu order

- Contacts data

- Descriptions of the pages


4. Select a contractor for your project

Once you have stopped the person / company / who will be working on your site, a period of communication begins. You submit all the original materials - photos, texts, documents, presentations, schemes, color choices, fonts, site views.

Here begins the element of Waiting. You have to be armed with patience and wait until your website is crafted. You may encounter discrepancies and difficulties with the implementation of some of your initial ideas. The developer who works on your site will suggest possible solutions. You will talk and discuss.

5. The website is complete


Your site is complete and begins its exciting journey through the Internet !!!!!