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Fifoza – изработка на сайтове Fifoza – изработка на сайтове

Magic camp "Zho"

The site of Magic Camp "Jo" happened quite accidentally and spontaneously. Its creation was filled with mixed feelings. Joy of the magic of illusion art and sadness from the sad and ridiculous loss of a young and talented boy who died only at the age of 18 - at the threshold of life ...

The site was created very quickly - simple and clean. The goal this year is Quick Hands Project   to manage the pilot camp. Not only for Zhovian, but also for the young people who are now entering the world of focus.

All of the team are dedicated to the cause - Magic.

It was really exciting and enjoyable to meet these people.


If you are also excited about magic and tricks - you can visit the site as well Facebook webpage of the camp.

Аз пожелавам от сърце успех на пилотния лагер – Everything to go through Magic and Water and turn it into a tradition.


Zho, you live in the hearts of all!

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