About Me

Looking for who to engage in the design, creation and development of your website? Or do you have a site that needs corrections and optimization or maintenance?

Who am I and why can you trust me?

My name is Iva Milanova, 38 years old, married, mother of a princess. I was born and I live in Sofia with my family. I graduated mainly education in 1995. - 7th High School "St. Sedmochislenitsi", Sofia. Then I graduated from secondary school in 18 Gymnasium "William Gladstone", Sofia, with a French-language profile. After completing my education I was interested in many different directions of science and life. At one point I came across a family of Translators who make it completely free - Subs.sab.bz, where I found many new friends. We were translating movies to the popular Zamunda site and together we enjoyed every little gratitude. One "Thanks" was our biggest prize for work. My work on translating and subtitling is very similar to "coding" now. The subtitle program works with tags and scripts, frames and milliseconds, limited space, and many other parameters. The translation of a normally big movie takes about 45 days for an amateur translator. This means that the translator works slowly and methodically and thus provides a quality product. As a major work for the past 18 years, my family has been successfully developing a private business and actually throwing all its resources for it. And a year ago I started to go into a new sphere - making websites - as a front-end developer.

I went to SoftUni for: HTML5, CSS4, JS, Jquery, Bootstrap, and so on. I am still learning and going into this vast matter. I will not stop developing and improving until I become one of the best in this field.

To date, I can quite responsibly say that I learned a lot. And so in so many directions. I am already brave to take big projects, create very serious and responsible sites, optimize the speed and content sites.

Now I can say for myself:

Design, creation and development of a website with adaptive design by a professional developer. Optimization and maintenance of new and existing sites." And boldly stand behind those words!

I stand with my name.

Iva Milanova

Me and She - before and now ;))


She - my daughter, is my inspiration.

Beginning to learn something new and different, I have not only discovered new worlds, but in fact I'm teaching her a child's life lesson - it's never too late to start learning. As long as you put in heart and soul, to pursue the goal clearly, sooner or later you will come to it. She is already reasonably and big enough and sees with her eyes that I really have managed to become a developer who works tirelessly, methodically and ends what is started. Sometimes she is angry on me that I'm sitting on the computer until late at night, but she knows that it will bring benefits to the whole family. Even at times, she is the developer who writes codes and creates sites. He's doing it with an old broken laptop and a useless cd card.  

~ Fifoza ~

Fifoza- this nickname appeared in my life more than 15 years ago. He carries the little sweet name of Fifi. Many people have recognized me since my translations of Zamunda. From the free translation of goodwill movies, I learned the most important thing about communicating with a large mass of people waiting impatiently for the translation for a movie. I learned patience, an understanding of the other side, but perseverance and quality of the details.

I think that is exactly what I need now - patience and willingness to be able to get into your ideas and together to realize your projects so that the end result is a pride for both parties. The vision for my future is to build the look of a new Fifoza- motivated and highly enlightened woman who has the desire and the opportunity to create a modern design with full functionality tailored to your needs.

Doing sites - this is the first thing that has set me up as a hobby, but it's really a whole profession! And the end product is something really necessary, not only for me but also for the other person. Curious about websites is that they are actually a double product. I mean, on the one hand, the customer enjoys their site, visits, views and features. On the other hand, however, it is actually a mirror of the programmer himself, he did the site. Each colleague can double-click on the site code and navigate "What a good" the developer has done. There is nothing concealed here.

And that is why every good developer throws the maximum power so he does not leave behind a code that makes him a bad advertisement to himself. I work in collaboration with colleagues who are able to help me when I need it. For large projects, we work together and do not have to worry about asking for mutual help. Still, there is no human on Earth who knows everything, and that's quite normal. Moreover, programming has thousands of strands and millions of programmer units. That is why the programming community is so friendly and behaves like a huge family.

I'm proud to be part of it!