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Web Freelance Front-end Developer from New Generation

       With the development of technology and the time we live in, the need for ever-higher quality services is growing tremendously. Customers who want to order the Sitemaking service are increasingly aware of what they want. This is in itself a wonderful thing. The world is digitizing and people are increasingly finding what they are looking for on the Internet. My task as a developer is to provide the most perfect end product. One to be proud of you and me. For this purpose, I am casting maximum strength and patience. I do not spare time and effort, I never give up, and I can quite responsibly say that you can rely on me.

To be honest and correct to the end is a quality that opens many doors and leads me forward. Even if you contact me with a project assignment that is not in my competence (for now), I will not dismiss you. I will find the right programmer, my colleague, so that the project will be completed and you will remain serviced and satisfied. For the time I am coding, I have been able to create many quality acquaintances. These contacts are at your disposal if necessary.

So be brave, ask for a project, contact me and then - just watch its creation!

Just keep in mind that as I am loaded with great patience, you must also set yourself up for a long and joyful journey on the path of creating your Site!

In the Section Informative Posts I will try to put all the steps from beginning to end - what awaits you. What do awats to me too.


Оферта за израбока на сайт

Discussion of the details of the project construction and preparation of the offer. Building ...

Grow your site's growth

By tracking the development of your site, I continue to be responsible for the product I have created. Because the sites are not like the products in the store - you pay, take, use and end ...

Technical parameters of your site

In order for your site to be technically literate, all details must be preset. Creating a site very much resembles the construction of a ...

Subscription for support

Once your site is created, it will need periodic checks on the overall system. If this is done by the developer who built the site - then he will know your site as a flat of his hand. And it will be very quick to focus on the novelties or problems ....


Responsive Design

Изглежда еднакво добре на всякакъв вид дислеи

The vision of a modern website also includes the option of varying the design - adapted to different types of devices. Recently, trends have been increasing visits to a site by ..

Storing information

Your site is a large file folder. All the information about it is contained in the "upload place" of your site - the hosting company. I've introduced my practice, the sites I've made to have a backup saved by me. This is another backup that can be used if needed. Everything happen. Maybe inadvertently ...

Clients About Me

"I worked with Iva Milanova on the creation of my website. There were many candidates for my project, but she grabbed me with her creative ideas, her sincerity and the sense of humor. The project was executed within the pre-agreed deadline, though force majeure lost us for more than a week. The work with Iva was going smoothly, imperceptibly and uncomfortably, and she was able to understand all my ideas before I had the opportunity to visualize it in my mind. In the end, we have completed a very beautiful and functional project. I am grateful to her for understanding, patience, dedication and great professionalism. "
Lawyer Petkova
"I used the services of Mrs. Iva Milanova for making my site. I trusted her without having any preliminary contacts or recommendations for her. Now my site is ready and I'm glad I've come right to such a person. She responded quickly to my request, displayed an individual approach and understanding of the project. For each of my ideas there were different options for solution. She never did anything alone before discussing it with me. He helped me with professional advice outside the specific order. It was active, accurate, and well-meaning. In conviction, I can recommend her work for everyone! "
Tvetka Mihailova

Blog Posts



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Press about Me

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